At our December 13 Wellness Hour, Jennifer Egert led a short session on mindfulness in which she asked people to focus their awareness on their body sitting.

Afterward, there was a discussion and participants noted that by focusing on how their body was in contact with the seat, the ground beneath their feet, etc., the pain they were feeling somehow became diminished. The group then went into breakout rooms of 3-4 people each to give everyone an opportunity to continue the conversation at a more intimate level for around 10 minutes. The group then reunited and discussed what that experience had been like. Some said they were skeptical at first and wondered why this was necessary when they already enjoyed the larger group so much, but they found that the smaller group was also highly enjoyable. This was a wonderful example of how the Wellness Hour works, as a collaboration among members who are eager to learn, support, and try new experiences. And also to share!

Jen Egert shared her rubric for everyday mindfulness, STOP:


Take a breath

Observe your emotions



Several people recommended other meditation and mindfulness resources that you might like to try out:


Courtesy of FSHD Society

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